Saturday, 9 February 2013

Light from the Place of Sacrifice (Psalm 118:27)

God is the Lord, who unto us hath made light to arise: Bind ye unto the altar's horns with cords the sacrifice. Thou art my God, I'll thee exalt: my God, I will thee praise. Give thanks to God, for he is good: his mercy lasts always (Scottish Metrical Psalter).

When I began to write this blog, after being diagnosed with terminal liver cancer in 2011, there were many things I did not expect.

One was how long I would be spared to write (500 blog posts so far).

A second was how much blessing there would be in the joyful task of writing, and how much fellowship there would be with those like-minded.

A further way in which I did not expect anything like so much blessing, has been with respect to light and truth in our Lord Jesus Christ. I should have expected this. We should expect to grow in the knowledge of our Saviour. After all, the knowledge of his Person is infinite. Eternity itself will not suffice to exhaust the sweet knowledge of his dear Name.

It is possible I may be spared to write a few more posts, but, at least for the moment I am coming full circle and returning to my starting point in Psalm 118. Hitherto has the Lord helped me, I raise my Eben-Ezer, my pillar of praise, and say, I have not died, but have, lived to declare, in a small measure, the 'works worth declaring', the works of the Lord.

Here I want to return to one of the leading themes of the whole blog: There is only one place where we obtain light and truth from God. It is the place of sacrifice, as mentioned in verse 27 of the Psalm.

'God is the Lord, which hath shewed us light: bind the sacrifice with cords, even unto the horns of the altar.'

How full of Christ this Psalm is! But at the heart of it all, there is the place of light and atonement, the horns of the altar where the precious blood is sprinkled.

Let us come to God there. Let us rest there. Let us rejoice in our Saviour there. Let us feed there in green pastures and by still waters, till we want no more, till our want is o'er, and till we see Christ face to face, and as he is!


  1. Douglas, once more you have gladdened our hearts. Your blog posts are being used in ways none of us can measure, and we thank our god that you were allowed to make that goal of 500 posts!

    May the Lord be very near, dear friend, and may you feel that Presence until you stand literally before His throne!

    We love you,

    Walt and Joie

  2. Here is a second comment from us, dear friend, but first let me correct one letter above. The word should have been "God."

    There is a wonderful verse of Scripture that was introduced to our congregation by Bill Wenger, long the chairman of the Board of Elders, also an excellent musician, and now himself very close to going home to be with the Lord. The verse is astounding to imagine, yet here it is.

    "The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing."
    Zephaniah 3:17

    "WITH SINGING!" To our knowledge this is the only verse in the Bible that mentions the Lord as singing over his people. Indeed the entire verse is amazing, isn't it? Ah, but there it is. Think of it, Douglas, the Lord is singing over you, he is rejoicing over you, he is resting in his love for you. What an incomprehensible blessing!

    May he be very close to you and Di even this night and always,

    Walt and Joie

    1. Beloved Friends in Christ, I am very grateful for both of your messages, and I am especially moved by the verse from Zephaniah. These heavenly blessings are staggering and incomprehensible. May you know them in your own souls and in your fellowship.

      In the grace and love of our dear Saviour Jesus Christ.


  3. Dear Douglas, I have tried to send you a response to your blog postings on a couple of occasions but I must have chosen the wrong profile options when uploading them. Thank you for all your posts, for taking the time to cheer our hearts with such God-glorifying themes. I will never sing Psa 118 without thinking of you and the way you have used its marvellous words to lift our minds and hearts heavenwards. I have heard it said that this Psalm was sung by our Lord at the Passover meal in the Upper Room before going out into the darkness of the night to the Garden and then to the Cross. How meaningful are those words then that follow the verses behind the title of your blog:
    "This is the gate of God, by it
    the just shall enter in.
    Thee will I praise, for thou me heard'st
    And hast my safety been."

    The Cross of the Lord Jesus is the gate of God by which we enter in. How precious it is to know that he hears the prayers of sinners poor and needy and saves them to the praise of his glorious grace. Spurgeon often said in his preaching, "I'm a poor sinner and nothing at all, but Jesus Christ is my All in All." We are so blessed to be able, by grace, to make the same good confession. God be with you Douglas, and bless you. You, Di and your family are prayed for daily and we thank the Lord for you. Jonathan & Heather.


  4. Just wondering if you are still here or are with the Lord face-to-face. Thank you for sharing your journey. This really is just the 'pre-life'. What we encounter when we die "In Christ" is not after-life, it is full-life. God bless you; your testimony has blessed me. I have Hepatitis C for 40 years now. I don't think I will pursue the transplant. Godspeed.

    1. Dear Jeannie, Your tstimony blessed me greatly, especially your remark about the prelife, as opposed to the after-life. How true this is!
      The Lord bless you richly in the love and grace of Christ,

  5. Douglas, it is good to see the Lord Almighty has given you the opportunity to be a continued witness for His Kingdom! May you continue to glorify Christ is your work here on earth.