Monday, 27 January 2014

Junior 'Philosophers' See God's Works

Despite the disgust of evolutionists and atheists, youthful 'students' have no difficulty in seeing the loving purpose of God in the things that he has made.

Such things as why water in lakes is flat have no purpose at all, in the eyes of evolutionists.

But children disagree. Lakes are as flat are for a loving purpose, to allow animals to drink more easily.

Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings, therefore, God perfects his praise. How excellent is his name throughout the earth!

(If anyone has an  accurate reference to the source of the report, I would be glad to see it.) 


  1. Douglas, thank you for this - a reminder of God's loving purpose in everything, and also a reminder to praise Him. So thankful you were well enough to post this.

  2. Douglas, so glad to see you posting again. Brief observations such as this are very, very welcome; less tiring for you, I suppose, and no risk that anyone reading will skip any of it!

  3. Thank you dear Brother for this encouraging comment.

  4. Thank you Deborah, your comments are always uplifting.